Welcome to BeautyOnCode, a “little garden online” where I am exploring the programming world.

(Vietnamese version at beautyoncode.com)

Blog introduction:

BeautyOnCode has started from 2019. This is a place to explore the world of programming.

Blog’s owner is Thanh Nguyen Diem, a woman who loves code and passionate about personal developer. She also loves nature and very curious about life.

Thanh is a 9 years experienced web developer.

Programming is very interesting and she is learning every day to become a better developer.

Here is place she writes on the journey.

Enjoy your reading and welcome you to visit.


Read more about the meaning of the name BeautyOnCode here (vietnamese).

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Work experience

Thanh works at AgilityIO is a software company with offices in the US and a development team in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Since mid-2022, she has been a curator on Careerly, a network of Vietnamese people working in technology companies, a product of Publicly.

By the end of 2022, BeautyOnCode became the top 1 author on this community (a milestone for the blog).


She used to be a member (Teacher Assistant Leader (robotics team), Python Lecture) of the STEAM for Vietnam team (read more).

STEAM for Vietnam is a non-profit organization with the hope of bringing free STEAM education models to Vietnamese students everywhere to expose them to programming at an early age.

Some Vietnamese Technology communities she participates in (if you interest): WeBuild, Viblo, Dwarves Foundation, and Viet Tech Group.

Check more detail on her linkedin.

Build this blog

This blog is a github-page with jekyll then transfer to domain beautyoncode.online.

If you want to start a blog without cost on hosting and write content in markdown then you could try this way (blog repo if you interest).